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UAV Launch Facility Infrastructure

Zipline is a global UAV company that specializes in life-saving deliveries of medical supplies. They were looking for a solution to support their distribution and launch facilities in remote areas around the world. For more permanent facilities they pour concrete, but what about for facilities that are more temporary that may need to be moved? They sought a WORKHORSE solution. 

They wanted something that was rugged, had traction control, was easy to install and transport, could accommodate cables, and was anti-static treated. As a result, they selected a combination of the WORKHORSE 2-inch Standard and Integrated Cable Management (ICM) Panels since they can be assembled interchangeably. We're happy and proud to be a small part of their life-saving mission!

UAV Crew with a drone at a launch facility using WORKHORSE ground solutions panels

UAV Operators at their launch center

UAV Distribution and Launch Facility using WORKHORSE Ground Solutions panels

UAV Launch and Distribution Facility

Zipline UAV personnel at a distribution facility with WORKHORSE ground solutions panels

Zipline team getting ready to commission new facility in Ghana

Zipline personnel performing ground equipment maintenance testing at a facility with WORKHORSE ground solutions panels

Personnel performing ground equipment maintenance testing

Vermont Wedding - Site Access Pathway

Vermont is a beautiful place for wedding, but it's not exactly flat, making picking a location somewhat of a challenge. Rain or Shine Tents and Events has solved that problem for its customers through use of an innovative decking system. But, much like anything else in life, that solution creates a problem. To setup these amazing venues, it takes tens of thousands of pounds of equipment, requiring numerous truck loads back and forth across the ground. This can be very damaging, as if you're not careful before long you'll have a mud pit in what was once a beautiful patch of grass - not exactly ideal for the bridal party. Enter WORKHORSE.

Using our 1-inch panels as a site access pathway, Rain or Shine was able to move their equipment and setup the venue, all without destroying the property owner's grass and making a mess for the wedding guests. Furthermore, the install time for the pathway was less than half an hour, minimizing Rain or Shine's, and ultimately the wedding host's, labor costs. 

Workers install WORKHORSE temporary flooring as site access pathway at a wedding

The Rain or Shine crew quickly installing the 1-inch panels

A truck drives on Workhorse temporary flooring that is being used as site access pathway at a wedding

A Rain or Shine truck unloads

A raised deck platform for a wedding tent in Vermont

The raised deck expertly erected by the Rain or Shine crew

Workhorse temporary flooring being used as a site access pathway at a wedding

The Rain or Shine crew finishing their setup

CrowdRx Mobile Treatment Facilities

CrowdRx is a premier event medical services company that operates nationwide; their goal is to keep your event UNeventful. Whether it's a small first-aid stand, or a fully-staffed mobile ER treatment facility, CrowdRx has their customers covered. In order to do that across the country, they need to be able to get in and setup quickly and efficiently. That's why they came to WORKHORSE.

CrowdRx uses both tent-based and trailer-based treatment facilities. They were looking for something that provided a firm foundation from which to work in either of these settings. The solution needed to be rugged, durable, fast and easy to deploy, and easy to transport. To achieve all of these characteristics, they selected the WORKHORSE 1-inch panel, and have been using it at events all across the country. Check them out (ideally as a visitor rather than a patient) next time you're at Burning Man!

Mobile medical trailer with WORKHORSE temporary, modular flooring deployed for a treatment area

CrowdRx Treatment Area

Mobile medical trailer with WORKHORSE temporary, modular flooring deployed as a treatment area

CrowdRx ER Trailer

Medical personnel evaluate a patient in mobile treatment facility with WORKHORSE flooring panels

CrowdRx personnel evaluate a patient

Winter Event Flooring

Rain or Shine Tents and Events, our central Vermont event partner, helps to host a Winter Festival in Randolph, VT every year. They use our WORKHORSE 1-inch panels for to create a patio outside the food/beverage tent.

In the past this area has gotten very icy due to the high volume of traffic - but not anymore; WORKHORSE provides all the traction control necessary for these Vermonters to enjoy their outdoor festival (in February!)

A tent with a patio made of WORKHORSE ground solutions panels during a winter festival in Vermont

The all-important food and beverage tent at the 2020 Winter Festival

A tent with a patio made of WORKHORSE ground solutions panels during a winter festival in Vermont

Food/beverage tent during 2020 Festival with tubing hill in the background

A tent with a patio made of WORKHORSE ground solutions panels during a winter festival in Vermont

2020 Festival - the fire pits and warmers were pretty popular locations

Beer and coffee table setup inside an Igloo tent on top of WORKHORSE event flooring

Can't have a festival without drinks! 2019 Festival

University Multipurpose Facility - Temporary Flooring

A U.S. University needed to find a solution quickly. They were hosting an event in one of their sports facilities in a few weeks' time and needed to protect the ground. Unfortunately the flooring they had on-hand for that purpose was difficult to use and took a long time to install, so they were on the hunt for something better. They found it with WORKHORSE.

After going over their options, they felt that the 1-inch panels would be their best bet for temporary flooring. Because we strive to always have product in stock, it was only a matter of a few days before Baylor personnel had their 1-inch panels and were giving them a test run (spoiler alert: passed with flying colors). The event came off without a hitch and the WORKHORSE panels stand ready for the next event. 

WORKHORSE 1-inch ground solution panel used as modular flooring in a sports facility

The WORKHORSE 1-inch installed quick and easy

Tables and chairs setup on WORKHORSE 1-inch ground solution panel used as temporary flooring

After a few minutes the facility was ready for the event

Thompson Senior Center - Permanent Pathway Installation

The Thompson Senior Center in Woodstock, VT was looking to install a path from the sidewalk to their parking lot. But not just any path. They wanted it to be a permeable surface in order to help with the rainwater runoff problem in the state. WORKHORSE was happy to help then out!

The proposed pathway was measured and dug out to a depth of two inches, then lined with geotextile (side note - there are MANY different kinds of geotextiles for MANY different uses, it's definitely not "one size fits all" with those products; luckily we have a great partner that helps advise on the appropriate choice). Then our 2-inch Standard Panels were connected and laid into place over the geotextile. Finally, the edges were filled in to create a flush surface with the turf. They now have a permeable path that can be easily shoveled or snow-blowed in the winter.

Worker excavates ground for permeable pathway

The ground is being excavated to a depth of two inches

Geotextile is installed prior to the WORKHORSE panels for the permeable pathway

Geotextile is then installed in the excavated ground

A completed permeable pathway with WORKHORSE ground solution panels

The 2-inch Standard panels are then installed and filled in for the finished permeable pathway

Museum Display - Modular Flooring

A mid-western aviation museum has an outdoor historic display of a deployable military hospital. They were looking for a modular flooring solution that was rugged, had traction control, and would help keep the display clean for foot traffic. WORKHORSE was happy to help!

Due to the nature of the ground, they selected the 1-inch Panels for the solution. It was quick and easy to setup and will continue to provide excellent service to the museum for years to come.

Military hospital museum display with WORKHORSE modular flooring

The WORKHORSE 1-inch panels help the museum keep the display clean and safe

Closeup of WORKHORSE modular flooring panels in a military hospital museum display

The display features a vast amount of historical military medical equipment

Closeup view of WORKHORSE modular flooring being used in a museum display

Some of the interesting pieces of the display include stretchers and simple gurney systems

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