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Welcome to WORKHORSE Ground Solutions!

A red truck drives over WORKHORSE Ground Solutions panels that are protecting the grass
WORKHORSE helps you protect the ground from your stuff, and your stuff from the ground

We’re thrilled you came to check us out. We’d like to quickly introduce our brand in this first blog post.

Here at WORKHORSE, we are focused on your success. Whether that means you putting on an outstanding event or accomplishing a small project on your property and everything in between, we’re here to help.

We don’t just provide products, we provide solutions. What’s the difference? To us, solution = great product + useable knowledge/information + committed customer service + singular focus on customer success.

Let’s break that down a bit:

  • Great Product: We’re pretty fond of the products we have developed. But we’re always looking to make them better somehow; thus we’re committed to listening to our customers on how we can improve. Have an idea? Let us know, we’d love to hear it!
  • Usable knowledge/information: We’ve been in this business for over 20 years and have thus acquired a large body of knowledge that we’d love to share with you, whether you’re here to buy something or not! We have posted useable information throughout the website, but this blog and our social media will be our primary outlets for sharing that knowledge. But part of being knowledgeable is knowing and accepting that you don’t know everything, so we’re always eager to learn from you, whether you’re a customer, distributor, partner, or just a website visitor. Give us a call or shoot us an email, we love to learn!
  • Committed customer service: We believe that your time is valuable. That’s why we’re committed to answering your correspondence and getting back to you as soon as possible. Usually this means within one business day. So use one of the many ways to get in touch with us: phone call, e-mail, chat, form submission, or paper mail (yes we check the mailbox!). We’ll respond. And if you didn’t hear back from us for some reason, drop us another line!
  • Singular focus on customer success: Your success is our success. Have a project that’s a little unconventional? Awesome, tell us about it, we’d love to help! We’re focused on using our products and knowledge as tools to enable your success. So things like custom solutions are definitely within the realm of possibility.

So what’s the take-away here? We’re real people. We’re good at what we do. We’ll help.

We know most projects have a to-do list a mile long; let WORKHORSE help you with some of those problems. We love a challenge!

Have a question or an idea for a blog post? Get in touch with us and let us know

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When you invest in WORKHORSE®, you work with our US-based team that cares about your success. We know our products intimately and understand the complex challenges you face.  If you need something or just want to talk about your project, we’re here. We’ll help.