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Projects: Lou's Restaurant and Bakery (Hanover, NH)

Hanover, NH restaurant incorporates WORKHORSE in their outdoor dining experience

Military Ground Protection – Part 1: A Brief History of Military Flooring

Primer on the journey through military history where we'll discuss ground protection and flooring (exciting stuff, we know!)

Ground Protection: Part 4 - WORKHORSE 1-inch Versus 2-inch Panels; What's the Right Choice?

Some considerations to think about when choosing between the different types of WORKHORSE products

Ground Protection: Part 3 - Plastic Flooring—Choosing Among Durability, Speed and Security of Connection

Choosing ground protection products is always about finding the right balance between speed, durability, and security of connection. 

Ground Protection: Part 2 - So You Need a Hard Floor for Outdoors. What Material Suits Your Job?

Some consideration points on choosing between plywood, concrete, crushed stone/gravel, and modular plastic ground protection

Field Hospitals for COVID-19 Medical Response: Practical Thoughts

Practical thoughts on setting up field hospital medical tents for COVID-19 response

Ground Protection: Part 1 - Why Would You Need Flooring Outside, Anyway? 

Protecting the ground from your stuff, and your stuff from the ground

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