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When setting up your outdoor classroom, comfort and safety are a priority for your staff and students. And you want a solution that's quick and easy to install and easy to clean up. Basically, you want to keep your staff and students as happy as possible through this unprecedented transition to outdoor learning and classrooms, right?


Comfort and safety start with the best ground protection. 


With just one rainstorm, your classroom can get wiped out, messy, and muddy. That leads to miserable students and not-so-thrilled staff. WORKHORSE® Ground Solutions offers you an easy solution to build outdoor classrooms with a foundation that stands up to weather, protects the ground, and can easily be expanded, contracted, or moved based on your needs.

What's wrong with grass, turf, and pavement?


The grass will get damaged from equipment and foot traffic. Turf may, too. And pavement? It's always dusty, often uneven, and produces incredible amounts of heat, making for a less-than-optimal learning environment.


That's why WORKHORSE® ground protection mats are the best outdoor classroom solution:

  • Our panels withstand the demands of tables, technology, and large class sizes.
  • Easily run wires through our 2-inch ICM Panels to accommodate computers, chargers, and screens.
  • Installs up to 5x faster. Throw it down when you need it - pick it up quickly when you don't.
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant to stand up to rain and mud tracked in by students.
  • Anti-Static treated panels help protect students from possible exposure to electricity.
  • Guaranteed to last up to five years—when outdoor classrooms are no longer needed, use our panels for reunions, concerts, sporting events, etc.

Explore our product line below and give us a call. We can ship orders within 1-2 business days and help you through installation to make the process as smooth as possible.

Call (802) 457-3275 or contact us online here to learn more about using WORKHORSE® Ground Solutions.


1-INCH Panel

For durability and stability across difficult terrain.

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2-inch Std. Panel

For when you need extra height to conquer wet and muddy conditions.

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2-inch ICM Panel

Allows space for in-floor cables and wires to get your team set up faster.

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