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Accessing your commercial or residential worksite without damaging your equipment or the land can be a challenge. You're probably used to using plywood and crushed stone. The downside with plywood is that it bends, warps, and splits—plus, you can't pick it up and re-use it. And crushed stone? Just imagine hauling it to your site, spreading it, containing it, and then disposing of it. It barely solves your problem and costs a ton of time and money.

Enter WORKHORSE® Ground Solutions

Our panels install up to 5x faster and can be reused from site to site as you move your crew and equipment.  They can withstand rain, wind, sun—even hazardous blizzards. Our ground protection panels can take on the demands of most of your construction equipment and trucks, too.

Simply put, WORKHORSE provides a site access solution that's stronger, faster, and lighter than other products. You can throw down a temporary road in a matter of minutes with a two-person crew. Compare that to plywood and crushed stone—you can't.

Benefits of our panels:

  • Our tiles withstand up to 80,000 lb/ft2.
  • Installs up to 5x faster with our patented, interlocking design.
  • Waterproof to get the work done when the weather isn't in your favor.
  • UV-Resistant to withstand the beating sun.
  • Anti-Static Treated for added vehicle and team safety.
  • Slip-Resistant to keep your people on their feet.
  • Rot Proof for use on your site over and over again.

Call (802) 457-3275 or contact us online here to learn more about using WORKHORSE® Ground Solutions.


1-INCH Panel

For durability and stability across difficult terrain.

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2-inch Std. Panel

For when you need extra height to conquer wet and muddy conditions.

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2-inch ICM Panel

Allows space for in-floor cables and wires to get your team set up faster.

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