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About Us

Here at WORKHORSE®, we pull our own weight and work as a team to tackle your unique and complex challenges. Sure, we engineer ground platforms, but to us, it’s a solution. It’s your solution. Our products enable big things to happen.  And you can be right back to everyday operations in just a couple of minutes. That’s simply amazing to us.

Our mission is simple: build the fastest, best performing, and most durable ground solutions on the planet.

WORKHORSE® Ground Solutions, a brand of Bike Track, Inc. was created because military personnel aren’t the only ones who demand tough, durable solutions that withstand high-traffic, heavy equipment, and dangerous weather conditions. You do. Everyone does. It’s time we put our foot down to stand on solid ground. Let WORKHORSE® carry the weight. You go put on one hell of an event.

The bottom line is this: the show must go on. Despite the heat. Despite the rain and snow. And despite everyone who is pumped to attend, it must happen.

And you know what? We’re damn proud to make our products right here in America from 100% recyclable and sustainable material. We’re WORKHORSE®.



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When you invest in WORKHORSE®, you work with our US-based team that cares about your success. We know our products intimately and understand the complex challenges you face.  If you need something or just want to talk about your project, we’re here. We’ll help.